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Specialty items

Specialty items are not regular moving objects. Pianos, large glass china cabinets, gun safes, machinery equipment, and other high-value large items.

Such require experience, peace of mind, in many cases manpower.

We stand for our quality with high-end equipment company top approach standards for each moving crew member.

If you need help with such items, we are there to help. Just let our representative know about any items and we will do it with the highest service level.

Please provide your contact information and our representative call you within 5 min.

We keep our promise if you got a call after 5 min you will get a 5% discount on our service.
Here is some pricing for speciality items moving:
Gran Piano Moving
3-4 Movers Crew Required
$ 150
  • Simple Disassembly Is Required
  • Special Equipment Is Needed.
  • Price Provided For No Steps Delivery.
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Safe Moving
2-3 Movers Crew Required
$ 50
  • No Disassembly Is Required.
  • Price Provided For Up To
  • 1 Flight of Stairs Delivery.
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Pool Table Moving
2-3 Movers Crew Required
High-Level Disassembly Required.
Complicated Assembly and Leveling Technique. 
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Specialty Items Moving
Piano / Pool / Antique Items / Statues / Safes ... We Move Them All! 
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